Utility Trenches

Dura Trench Utility and Cable Trenches are the first utility trench on the market to offer fully integrated channel strut cast into the body of the trench.

These utility trenches can be used for electrical, hydraulic, water, sewer, gas, low voltage, high voltage, chemical piping, or any other process that requires a cable trench or utility trench.


The integral channel strut is anchored into the concrete so that any pipe diameter that you can fit into the utility trench body can be supported without concern.  The utility trenches can be pre-sloped to allow for drainage and/or can have covers with gaskets to reduce water intrusion.  The chemical resistance of the polymer utility trench body makes this a viable secondary containment vessel.  For strong chemical containment the bodies can be made with our chemical resistant vinyl ester resins.  There is a wide selection of available frames for any application.  With standard utility trench widths up to 48″ wide the Dura Trench system can handle most any design consideration.  Also note that Dura Trench can make sweeping turns, divided trenches, and other custom requirements.