Prefabricated Trench Drains

Dura Trench prefabricated trench drain systems are our most popular product line.

The pre-sloped commercial trench drain line is offered in 2″4″6″8″10″12″18″24″36″, and 48″ widths.


This precast trench drain system comes standard with 0.5% slope built in but can be manufactured with any slope specified.  If you need a shallow trench drain it can be as shallow as 2″.  There are no maximum depth restrictions on this product other than construct-ability.  Dura trench drain systems offer a stable thermal set polymer body that is not temperature sensitive like most plastic trench drains.  The linear drain body is constructed from UV stable polymers for durability.  This makes Dura Trench drains suitable for some of the most harsh environments.  The long trench drain sections and light weight trench drain body make installation easy.  Plywood in the top of the trench drain channels is standard to keep the trench drain clean during concrete placement.  Built in metal installation aides are rigid and don’t break off.  The product can be outfitted with a large number of frame options including painted steel, galvanized steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, brass, and bronze.  Choose a premium trench drain system that can meet your project requirements.