Slot Drains

Slot drain (also known as slot pipe or slotted drain) offers a solution for areas where high flows are needed and large grates are not desirable.

Slot drains are heavy duty commercial grade drains that are typically used in highways, roads, driveway entrances, curb and gutter, and other high speed and high flow applications.


The slot pipe product line is offered in 4″6″8″12″15″18″21″24″, and 36″ widths.  Dura Trench slot drains have many significant improvements over traditional culvert metal slot drains.  The first major improvement is a smooth flow line that increases flow velocity.  The increased slot drain flow velocity means that often a smaller diameter smooth pipe can carry the same flow as a larger culvert metal slot drain.  In addition to this the amount of debris that collects in the bottom of the slot drain is significantly reduced.  The second major improvement Dura Trench made is to the load bearing frame at the top of the slot pipe.  The traditional vertical riser is offered, but for drains that will receive heavy traffic loading the frame was re-designed to transfer the loading off the slot drain body and to the surrounding concrete.  This significantly improves the load bearing capacity of these systems while eliminating long term deterioration of the slot drain due to loading.  The next major improvement was that the system is always “variable height” meaning that it can have built in slope.  Many traditional systems do not offer this and therefore cannot carry as much flow.  A non-sloping slot drain also requires a lot more maintenance due to low flow velocities depositing debris in the slot pipe.  A slot drain should always have slope to keep velocities high and debris flushing through the system.

​While improving the flow and loading properties of the slot drain, the installation needs were also assessed.  To make installation easier, the Dura Trench slotted drain pipe is provided with integral couplers and installation devices to make setting and leveling easier.  Furthermore, clean-out boxes are factory installed in the body of the slotted pipe so that time is not wasted with these connections.