Shower Tray Eye-Drain

Shower drains Eye-drain is the drain type with completely new shape – its soft and slim lines allow for creating unparalleled visual effects, while ensuring utmost functionality, practically and unlimited lifecycle.

Eye-drain is a novel concept of PREMIUM shower drain.

It perfectly matches mosaic floors and surfaces of large stone slabs.


WIPER PREMIUM linear shower drains incorporate a flange all an four sides of the drain body. This is particularly useful in wooden floors and/or when a perfect seal is necessary. The tiles surrounding the drain are glued down onto the flange creating an excellent seal. A textile sealing membrane is available as an optional extra which is glued down onto the flange. It extends this well protected area around the drain. Drains Eye-drain are made to order, with customized arrangement and length of arms.


• Standard lengths (mm): 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200.

• Total height (mm): 90.

• Width (mm): 40.

• Throughput (l/min): 36.

• Finish: polish, brush, matt.