Shower Drain S-Line Premium

Shower drains WIPER S-line are a novel solution allowing free design of floor drainage shape.

The product can be installed around jacuzzies, curvy pools or along any object, offering a unique architectural effect.

The WIPER PREMIUM is a series of WIPER linear shower drains.

It comprise of a drain body 30 mm deep, 84 mm wide are a grating which are all made of stainless steel.

Length can be, in fact, unlimited.

The product is available in various types to meet particular needs and expectations of customers.


WIPER PREMIUM linear shower drains incorporate a flange on four sides of the drain body. This is particularly useful in wooden floors and/or when a perfect seal is necessary. The tiles surrounding the drain are glued down onto the flange creating an excellent seal. A textile sealing membrane is available as an optional extra which is glued down onto the flange. It extends this well protected area around drain. If you require a linear drain without the flange, please refer to our CLASSIC range.


• Height with syphon (mm): 100.

• Height (mm): 65 (can be adjusted).

• Throughput (l/min): 26/50 (value for column of liquid of 15mm/120mm).

• Finish: polish, brush, matt.