Catch Basin and Sumps

Dura Trench manufactures catch basins, drain basins, and sumps that integrate with our trench drain products or can be used stand alone as a point inlet.

The drain basins can be manufactured from the same materials as our linear drain products such as glass fiber reinforced polymer concrete, stainless steel, chemical resistant GFRPC, or forming systems.


Our catch basin and sump selection offers standard sizes from 4″ wide x 24″ long to 48″ wide x 48″ long.  Custom drain basin sizes are available an can be made as large as required as long as it can still be shipped.  All of the Dura Trench catch basins can be manufactured to any specified length, width, and depth.  To integrate with a trench drain system, a trench receiver flange can be added at the factory.  The resin system can be altered to make the catch basin from chemical resistant resin when required.  Catch basins are supplied with a pipe outlet stub factory sealed into the body.  The drain basin outlet pipe can be any size or type of pipe requested.